Is Tit for Tat Really All That?

pardon meI have this obsession with revenge.

Not seeking it, but writing about it. The psychology of revenge is so interesting to me. Why do people seek it out? Why do people let it consume them? Why do so many people feel the need to “get back” at someone? Most of us do it, even in small ways.

When I set out to write AN EASY DARE, I knew that I wanted revenge to be part of the story line. My main male love interest, Gabe, despises Cort Belrose — not just because he’s married to the woman Gabe loves, but because he believes that Cort represents all that is wrong and unjust about the world. Cort is wealthy without trying, he’s smug about his wealth, and he has a sense of entitlement that comes with old money. Basically, Cort’s an asshole. He’s also a wuss. One flinch from strong and masculine Gabe and Cort withers away like a whimpering dog.

But Gabe could be considered an asshole in his own right. (After all, sometimes a bit of an attitude can be sexy, can it not? — As long as there’s other things to back it up!) Rather than wipe his hands of Cort and focus on how he can keep building his own lot in life, Gabe decides he wants to make Cort’s life a living hell. Stealing Cat would only be icing on the cake, but that’s not his motivation. He loves Cat. He tells her that even if she doesn’t run to him, she should run from Cort–fast–because he’s not the right person for her.

Of course, he does all this soon after her wedding.

Not the best timing.

Meanwhile, Gabe has his own business to sort out. He thinks Cort should pay for all his wrongs, not the least of which is trying to tame the opinionated Cat, which Gabe thinks is his worst crime of all. He has other good reasons as well, which you’ll find out when you read the book. (See how I slipped that self-promotional plug in there? lol)

Gabe isn’t sure if revenge will be sweet, but he does it for his own sense of justice — he believes Cort doesn’t deserve all that he has. For Gabe, it’s a matter of twisted justice.

Still — what is it about human beings that make us want to suck the sweet nectar of revenge?

Something to think about, friends!



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Don’t Feel Guilty About Feelin’ a Little Dirty

The other day I was talking to a struggling writer who’s trying to find an agent. He said, “I need to get my book out there — something needs to be done when books like 50 Shades of Grey are on the bestseller list.” I immediately had a thought, like a knee-jerk reaction. I’m sure you’ve had this thought throughout your own life, especially if you’re an unabashed lover of steamy fiction.

Here was my thought:

I mean, seriously. Where does a guy like that get off?

Obviously not to any really Good Bad Books, lol.

As my inaugural post to promote my own Big Bad Book, I felt this was a worthy call-out because hopefully you are here because you are hungry for a Big Bad Book of your own (or you want to recommend a book to me, which I totally think you should do here).

Next time someone talks smack about 50 Shades of Grey or any other romance/erotica/ebook/whatever-the-literary-snobs-are-trash-talking-these-days, and they act like they “know” good books and they’re more enlightened than people who ♥ E.L. James, let’s just all say what we’re thinking, which is:

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Sometimes sucking can come in handy, but not in this case … *wink*

Stay steamy, my friends!