Don’t Feel Guilty About Feelin’ a Little Dirty

The other day I was talking to a struggling writer who’s trying to find an agent. He said, “I need to get my book out there — something needs to be done when books like 50 Shades of Grey are on the bestseller list.” I immediately had a thought, like a knee-jerk reaction. I’m sure you’ve had this thought throughout your own life, especially if you’re an unabashed lover of steamy fiction.

Here was my thought:

I mean, seriously. Where does a guy like that get off?

Obviously not to any really Good Bad Books, lol.

As my inaugural post to promote my own Big Bad Book, I felt this was a worthy call-out because hopefully you are here because you are hungry for a Big Bad Book of your own (or you want to recommend a book to me, which I totally think you should do here).

Next time someone talks smack about 50 Shades of Grey or any other romance/erotica/ebook/whatever-the-literary-snobs-are-trash-talking-these-days, and they act like they “know” good books and they’re more enlightened than people who ♥ E.L. James, let’s just all say what we’re thinking, which is:

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Sometimes sucking can come in handy, but not in this case … *wink*

Stay steamy, my friends!



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